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How to Order Campaign Signs to Get Your Message Out

Did you know there are over 500,000 elected offices across the United States? With so many opportunities to get involved, at all levels of government, influencing the positive change you want to see in the world is just a successful campaign away.

Between primary and general elections, there’s also much distraction around election season.

Now more than ever, it’s important to build your political brand. Investing in high-quality campaign signs is one way to stand out from the crowd.

From campaign banners and yard signs to custom decals and window graphics, there are plenty of opportunities to build your name recognition and establish your credibility. Keep reading to learn more about how engaging signs can help promote your campaign to the widest possible audience.

Why Political Campaign Signs Works

While you believe in your message, your community won’t show up for a candidate they don’t know or don’t see engaging with the people they are hoping to serve. Between busy schedules and a 24-hour news cycle, there’s no doubt that everyone is competing for limited attention.

Now more than ever, engaging voters is increasingly important.

While multichannel marketing is great for engaging people online, there’s a reason candidates keep coming back to classic tools like yard signs and banners.

Custom campaign signs can have a big impact on your campaign and help you with:

  • Energizing your supporters—You want your base of support to feel inspired and proud of what you represent. Giving out yard signs and window decals will keep your supporters excited and primed for Election Day. It’s also a great tool for them to use to engage neighbors, friends, and family.
  • Raising awareness for your message—Signs can help you increase name recognition and share details about your platform. By getting voter’s attention you can also broaden your core support.
  • Communicating your legitimacy—A custom sign is an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and build confidence among your voters. It shows a level of commitment and lets the community know that you are taking this opportunity seriously.

In addition to engaging potential voters, visible signage is also a way to build your political brand for current and future elections. Signs can be used to brand a specific event space or to energize your staff and volunteers.

Creating an engaging and intriguing political campaign is essential to attract voters and boost local support.

Types of Signs to Consider

There are a number of different signs to consider when launching your campaign. Each type of campaign signage serves a different purpose.

Depending on your initial budget, you may have to make some strategic investments. While you have to spend money to build awareness and effectively fundraise, you can also prioritize your immediate needs.

Here are a few of the top types of campaign signage that can quickly help you get your message out:

  • Yard Signs—These are great to hand out to supporters, build neighborhood support, and increase your profile in public spaces. Your yard signs should have a clear message and connect directly to your political branding.
  • Custom Banners—A few banners can go a long way for your campaign. They are a marketing tool that can be used both inside and outside to communicate your story and brand. A custom pole banner is also a great tool if you are planning on hosting a number of events or calling attention to your campaign headquarters.
  • Branded Swag—Creating and giving away swag, like bumper stickers, is a fun way to engage with new audiences and build your brand at the same time.

Campaign signage like banners and yard signs should be out in your community at least 90 days before the election. It’s also important to remove your materials within a week after the election.

No matter what type of signs you choose, remember to keep your current supporters and future audiences in mind.

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

It’s important to note that your political signs are an extension of you and your campaign. Your signage should be well designed and made with quality materials

Working with an experienced printing business is highly recommended. They will be able to help you produce your materials in bulk and deliver the professional look you need. They should also be able to package and ship your items nationally—to meet you where you are.

To ensure that your campaign signage stands out from the crowd, here are some design factors to consider:

  • Ensure a clear and consistent brand story across all of your materials by using bright colors, fonts, and messages that match your campaign.
  • Keep your message simple and impactful. Think about how you can easily distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  • Make sure your font can be read from a distance. You need your signs to be readable and easy to understand.
  • Utilize contrast by using light and dark colors to make your message pop. For example, using magenta and white or black and yellow will really call attention to your sign.
  • Use size and color to pull voters’ attention to where you want it. Make sure you are using design to emphasize the right message on your signs.

The bottom line for effective design is to remember your audience and meet them where they are.

Promote Your Campaign Today

Ordering your first banner, yard signs, or bumper stickers can transform your campaign from an idea to reality. If you are running for office and don’t have campaign signs, today is a great day to get started.

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